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Eliška Gatnerová Eliška Gatnerová
+420 601 115 210 Business
Ester Hadrabová Ester Hadrabová
+420 724 915 790 Stores & Retail
Hana Orlová Hana Orlová
+420 601 133 773 Customer care
Jan Hubinský Jan Hubinský
+420 601 091 566 HR
Julie Zabavská Julie Zabavská
+420 601 126 496 IT
Lucie Lacmanová Lucie Lacmanová
+420 739 086 853 Marketing & Customer & UX & Innovations & Data analytics
Martina Kubínová Martina Kubínová
+420 720 056 784 Warehouse
Michal Markovič Michal Markovič
+420 607 054 366 IT
Nela Havlíčková Nela Havlíčková
+420 604 250 760 Stores
Petr Hodál Petr Hodál
+420 607 024 405 Logistics
Petra Bendová Petra Bendová
+420 720 057 431 Warehouse
Petra Šoltésová Petra Šoltésová
+420 722 976 167 IT
Viktorie Elingrová Viktorie Elingrová
+420 607 005 029 Business
Brno Business Park
Notino, s.r.o. -,
Londýnské náměstí 881/6, 639 00 Brno

We are easily accessible from both the D1 motorway and the R52. It’s only 10 minutes from the center of Brno. Use a parking P + R nearby, or a public parking behind the C building.

You can use tram number 5 or 2 direction Modřice or bus number 40 or 61. Get off at the station „Ústřední hřbitov“. We are in the C building within the Brno Business Park office.

Brno Business Park
Warehouse Rajhrad
VGP Park, Hala II, Stará Pošta 1025, 664 61 Rajhrad

Great accessibility from the D1 motorway and the main road. There is parking lot for our employees by the hall.

The Notino hall is located just 5 minutes from the Rajhrad GEIS bus stop. After getting off the bus, continue about 100 metres on foot.

Warehouse Rajhrad
Warehouse Syrovice
Notino Ltd.
Prologis Park, Hala II, Syrovice 689, 664 67 Syrovice

The best way to get to the warehouse in Syrovice is from the D52 motorway (Pohořelice, Mikulov), exit Rajhrad. The warehouse is located a few km from Rajhrad. It lies behind Syrovice, in the direction of Židlochovice. There is also a parking lot next to the warehouse, where our employees and temporary workers can park.

You can get to the warehouse by public transport using line 504, which stops at the bus stop called “Syrovice, logistický areál” (Syrovice, logistics complex).

Warehouse Syrovice